Tuesday, 13 September 2011

About Us

I'm Peter. I've been a keen cyclist for a while, on and off. I think a bicyle is a wonderful way to see the world (I don't think I'll ever forget the smell of a gum forest I cycled through in Tasmania) and an efficient, enjoyable way to get around day-to-day. When we had kids, it threw up some interesting challenges, and some convenient pretexts to buy new toys :). This blog is about the challenges and the toys. Ahhh, the toys.

When our eldest daughter was a little under one, we bought a child trailer. Luckily, we bought a two-seater one; our son came along a little later. It fetched groceries, it took kids to daycare and it did a lot of trips to the park. The kids have had a succession of trikes, pushbikes (aka balance bikes) and pedal cycles. I love being self-propelled and I love sharing that feeling with my children. Recently, we bought a cargo bike (a Yuba Mundo) - that should be an interesting journey.

I'm Tanya.  As a young person I cycled to school, then when I was 19 I took it up again as a mode of transport and to get fit.  Sadly by the time I started dating Peter when I was 33 I no longer did any cycling or much other excercise for that matter and it showed in my weight of 120kg. Peters passion  however was infectious and he got me out with him.  I loved him so I grew to love the sport.  We now have 3 childen Rianna turning 5, Daniel turning 3 and Chloe 7months.   We are both committed to green transport or calorie buring transport depending on your motivation.  Given the sedentary lifestyle so many kids tend to lead these days we are keen to make our family an active family and try to travel by self propelled methods when ever possible, be it it walking or riding.

The challenge is how do you avoid a car when you have a young family.  Basically when they are really young your only alternative is walking. 

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